How to Handle Your Pup When Guests Arrive Home?

Dogs mark territories just like other creatures. This can answer some of the questions of pet parents who might wonder why a puppy gets overwhelmed by door knocks. Unfamiliar human faces and animals passing by your yard can trigger your puppy to bark relentlessly.

It can be your puppy’s way of guarding you, other family members, and your home from potential intruders, but the puppy needs to learn that not every person or fur baby visiting your yard or home is malicious. However, if the loud and authoritative barks don’t stop over prolonged periods, probably your four-pawed friend has a behavioral issue. Or, it may be that they are injured or ill in some way.

Cheap dog insurance can help manage your puppy’s unscheduled vet visit costs, medications, treatment, and more. Pet insurance policies can cover diagnosis and treatment of potential health issues that contribute to peculiar pet behavioral conditions. If you are looking to purchase a pet policy, do a quick search online to find popular puppy insurers and check whether the pet insurance cost works for your budget.

Once you find a best-fit plan for your puppy’s health needs, you can consider signing up. In the meantime, learn how to handle your pupper when guests arrive home.

Jumping on guests can be annoying, especially when human babies, kids, or senior people are coming home. The dog drama can lead to accidents, injuries, and more. Not to forget, your puppy can send them packing in ripped or dirty clothes. To avoid unpleasant introductions, puppy owners must make necessary preparations beforehand.

Solution 1:

Puppy proofing your home can help significantly. You can fit a gate to block free entry to the foyer or hallway. This way, the guests can safely enter your house, and the puppy has no choice but to stay behind the barrier until you return to them. It also allows the puppy some time to observe the new faces from a distance, reflect on its thoughts, and calm down before being let out to interact.

Solution 2:

Train your puppy to sit in a place whenever someone rings a bell and reward it with a tiny treat every time they comply with your instructions. This way the puppy will associate people coming home with valuable treats and behave more positively before the guests. You can also consider training your furry little friend to greet guests calmly. As your fur companion does its job, you can ask the guests to shower your pup with delectable treats.

Solution 3:

Give cues to your pup to go to their bed, crate, or any other spot when the bell rings. Later you can visit your puppy, pat them on the back, give a head rub, and toss a treat into their food dish to appreciate good conduct.

Solution 4:

Even when the puppy’s anxiety levels seem to rise, maintain your calm. Don’t ever scold or reprimand them. A negative response from the pet parent can reinforce the bad behavior in the pet. Eventually, an insensitive puppy parent can give their furry baby more reasons to fear, hate, and shoo the guests away. Repeatedly reassure your cuddly fur friend that there is little to worry about with the new people at home.

As a puppy owner, you must work on reducing the stress for your furry pet ahead of time when you know something will change in the environment. Even so, pets are unpredictable. Therefore, you should be financially prepared with a cheap dog insurance policy to manage unanticipated medical costs during accidents, allergies, injuries, particular illnesses, health emergencies, and more. You can start by searching various pet policies online, inquiring about pet insurance cost, and then requesting and comparing quotes to get down to the most suitable pet policy for your four paws.



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