Help Writing Scientific Papers – Why And How?

Published by Stars Academy Notes on August 12th, 2022 

Writing a research report is a very difficult task that requires many days of research, survey, and investigation. 

The first step to developing research report writing skills is to admit that you need help. Scientific papers should be submitted by graduate and doctoral students. It is part of the course of study, so learning the tricks of the trade is crucial to getting the right degree.

Writing a research report is not just about following the advice your supervisor has given you. But you still need to familiarize yourself with the different sections. Research report such as introduction, literature review, methods, findings, discussion, and conclusion.

Title page

Many students do not understand the importance of an organized and attractive title page for their research paper. The title page or title page is the first area your manager looks at when submitting a research report.

The title page should include information

  •  Unit Name
  •  Unit ID (if any)
  •  Student Name
  •  Date of Submission (Last Date)
  •  Your leader’s name
  •  University logo

Information about your college/university

In some cases, you may need specific information on the cover page, so it’s a good idea to write down any requirements and instructions your supervisor gives you.

Whether the title page is the first section of your research paper. But you can leave it until you finish the most important part.

An introduction

In the introduction section of the research paper, the researcher presents a broad theory for solving the problem, and in this chapter, you summarize your reasons for choosing the topic.

Literature review

When it comes to writing a literature review for a research report, it may be important to hire a qualified writer for academic essays. Choosing literature relevant to your topic is the key to success.

Research Reports Assistant is recommended to help you find books, journals, articles, and other supporting materials. Very compatible


The way you describe how scientific data is collected. Therefore, this section is the core of your essay. This section aims to answer two basic questions:

  • What is your method of obtaining information?
  • How do you analyze your findings/results?

It is preferable to write this part correctly and in the past tense. It is good practice to provide details of the methods you use so that other researchers can conduct similar research and compare the results with your paper.

The systematic topic of your research should not be cluttered with irrelevant information. This is because it is expected to provide a rationale for choosing your method or method.

You should provide enough information to help your readers understand whether the data collection process is appropriate for this area of ​​research. You may need to include mathematical operations or calculations in this section. It depends on the topic of your research report.

Engineering students need data analysis software like ASPEN HYSYS, Etabs, BIM, OCTAGON, AUTOCAD, ANSYS, etc. to analyze data and get results.

Depending on the needs of your research area, you can analyze qualitative or quantitative data. We recommend the use of appropriate tables, graphs, charts, and images to make the study report more visual. A good data analysis section always provides solutions to the research problems stated in the previous section of the article.


All research papers should have a discussion section in which the research findings are reviewed and discussed. The aim is to highlight how your research can help other researchers in a related field or industry.

In this topic, I have also identified potential improvements that can be made by researchers who wish to explore additional questions in your research.

If you need help writing a research paper. You need to find reliable resources to help you in your search without wasting time.


Withdraw any relevant findings to conclude the study as a whole, and in this section, the researcher should summarize their thesis problem and discuss the methods. Briefly analyze and discuss the data.

If you need help writing a research report, you should consider working with an expert from start to finish. This post explains how you and your research report assistants can work together to solve problems and produce high-quality research reports.

If you accept that you need help writing a research paper, your life will be much easier.

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