Easy Integration of Cloud Contact Center in Any CRM Software

Cloud Contact Center

As we move into the digital era, customers expect a seamless communication experience across all channels. In this competitive environment, your organization must be able to provide customers with the latest communication options, such as instant messaging, phone and email services, and other social media platforms. By integrating third-party data into various communication channels, your staff can respond to customer inquiries more efficiently.

By integrating CRM and contact center software, agents have access to key account information. In one dashboard, you can access recent orders, account numbers, warranty information, and past correspondence. To access this vital information, users no longer need to navigate disparate systems. As a result, reaction times are reduced, tickets are resolved more quickly, and the customer experience is improved overall.

Cloud Telephony Integration

Providing innovative solutions to firms that do not want to invest in conventional business telephone services, Cloud Telephony is the latest development in the field of Cloud Computing. No additional infrastructure is required for customers to make and receive calls & SMS using cloud telephony.

Businesses using these Cloud telephone services do not need to install any software or buy any hardware to use them. With the Cloud Telephone service, you can set up an IVR, set up a call center, record a call, and much more. Computers, mobile phones, and traditional phones can all be used to access these services.

Ease of Integration of Cloud Contact center with CRM

Simple to sign up – Small businesses can subscribe to the call center level features to ensure greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.

It is a zero-CapEx project.

Small business owners and enterprises can access advanced analytics to boost workforce planning by recording and analyzing calls. From anywhere, they will monitor their agents in real-time.

Easily scalable – Start with 1-2 leads and scale based on business needs.

Web-based CRM and ticketing Solutions:  It can easily be integrated with CRM cloud telephony.

Cloud solution up-grading: It is handled by the service provider, unlike call center upgrades, which are inflexible.

Analytics and Reporting – Full-featured solution providers provide important information about call analytics and reports.

Centrally managed distributed call centers – Businesses can manage all their distributed call centers remotely.

Key features of CRM integration that improve the agent’s ability to assist clients may include:

  • An intuitive user interface
  • A United Agent Desktop
  • A Universal Inbox – all interaction types delivered to agent in the same way
  • The ability to manage each interaction in its own session of apps with multiple sessions at once
  • ACD Routing of any CRM data object
  • Full call controls and agent status management
  • Click-to-dial capabilities
  • Simple activity creation and auto association
  • Enhanced CRM dashboards with integrated data 

CRM Integration Benefits of Contact Center Software

A desktop application for unifying agents

Productivity Improvements for Agents

Streamline the process of using telephony functions like calling on hold, transferring calls, conferencing calls, accessing CRM data, etc., by eliminating the need to manually switch between tabs.

Contextual Agent Interactions

With both applications syncing data in real-time, you can maintain all call-related data in one place and deliver a context-driven customer experience. 

Monitoring the activities of call centers

Supervisors and managers can make real-time insightful decisions by monitoring, recording, and analyzing call data. 

Seamless Conversation across Multiple Tabs

While switching between multiple tabs, agents can make interactions more effective through features such as CTI pop-ups.


Using CRM integration, predictive dialers can evaluate lead scores and connect agents with outbound numbers that are most likely to convert.

Why is cloud Telephony Integration important?

Cloud Telephony Integration tracks the customer life cycle from lead generation (Missed Calls, SMS Service) to customer retention (Call Center Solution, Live Chat). As a result of this functionality, every lead or contact’s data is integrated at the moment of a conversation, regardless of the communication source. It enhances the customer communication experience and improves our overall sales conversion rate when we retrieve such information for such contacts. 

Components of Cloud telephony integration : 

A phone number that will be published:

  • There will either be a toll-free number, a toll number, or a mobile number.
  • The virtual numbers will be forwarded to the data center’s PRI line.
  • In addition to reporting IVRs, call recordings, and APIs, cloud servers will provide various other functions.
  • Amazing infrastructure and redundant connectivity will ensure the data is stored in a reliable data center.

Landing numbers or extensions :

  • It is common to refer to landing numbers as agent numbers because these are the numbers where the particular call originates.
  • These numbers will be used for a landline extension number or a mobile number.
  • These are the elements that should be a must when we discuss Cloud telephony and its integration into customer call center processes.


When you use cloud telephony, you can consider your customer’s perspective and treat each call as if it were the only one and provide them with the best customer service possible to improve your business deal.

When agents attend a call (inbound/outbound), the details of that specific lead will be appeared to him in a pop up window which is generated by fetching from the integrated CRM solution. Once the call is completed, the agent can update the details or fill in the disposition which will update the details in the CRM system automatically. An agent’s ability to access key customer information quickly and easily in a contact center is vital.

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