8 Ways to Analyse Your PhD Dissertation Before Submission

So, the big day is finally here – you are ready to hand in your PhD dissertation. Wow, what a nice feeling it is that you have at last finished the most hectic job in your academic career. Enjoy but do not enjoy much that you forget the ways to analyse your dissertation before submission. Yes, there is so much work to do still. There are many things in your dissertation that still need attention. What are those elements? How can you analyse them and make your dissertation perfect? These two will be the questions that today’s article will primarily answer. So, stay attached and learn them all. However, before moving on to those ways, let’s discuss what it means to analyse your PhD dissertation before submission.

What Is Analysing A Dissertation Before Submission?

Analysing a dissertation before submitting it means checking you have met all its conditions, proofread it, edited it, included all its elements, and, more importantly, well-structured it. The reason is that you cannot afford to lose marks at this last stage of your dissertation. Therefore, checking it from all angles before final submission is a must thing to do. What are the things to analyse before submission? Let’s talk about them in the following section.

8 Things To Analyse And Ways To Analyse In Your Dissertation Before Submission

After putting so much effort into your dissertation, you have finally come to the stage of submitting it. At this stage, you cannot afford to lose marks due to a minute error or a typing mistake. So, you must analyse your dissertation against different things. A brief description of those different things, along with ways to analyse them, is as follows:

Content Analysis

The content of the dissertation is undoubtedly the first and the most important thing to analyse in your PhD dissertation. It is the quality of the content that gets you an A+ grade and helps you stand out in the class. So, check the content for its validity, reliability, coherence, and flow. Skim through the whole dissertation starting from the abstract to the conclusions. Also, ensure that the dissertation content’s readability score falls within the permissible limits. For this, you can take help from Hemmingway Editor. You can also hire a dissertation editing service to get it done professionally.

Plagiarism Analysis

Next up is the plagiarism analysis of your dissertation. Plagiarism is fatal for any kind of writing, especially for a dissertation. The reason is that once detected; you may be terminated from your university, which leaves you with no choice. So, it is necessary to analyse your dissertation for plagiarism issues. How? You can use different tools for plagiarism detection like Grammarly Premium, Turnitin, or Quill Bot Premium. These tools scan your dissertation pages against billions of pages published online and give you a percentage of plagiarism in your dissertation. So, do analyse your dissertation using these tools.

Language And Grammar

The third thing you need to analyse in your dissertation is the language and grammar of your content. Many students lack writing skills. Therefore, they make a lot of grammar mistakes in their dissertation, which is a very wrong practice. Therefore, you must analyse your dissertation for such issues using some kind of tools. The most helpful tool in this regard is Grammarly premium. This tool can spot all the errors and offers you suggestions.

Analyse The Requirements Once Again

As discussed earlier, you cannot risk your dissertation for a minor mistake. So, it is also advisable to check your PhD dissertation requirements and the original content that you have written. Ensure that you follow all the instructions provided by the teacher. To make this analysis easy, you can take help from a friend. He or she can read your dissertation and then compare it with what you have written to analyse the differences. Take his/her response seriously and make changes if suggested.

Citations And References

Citations and references are important things to analyse before final submission. Analyse that all the references and citations are in the asked style and format. If there is anything ambiguous in the citations, edit the citation right away and make a new one according to the style asked by your teacher. To make this happen, you can take help from many online reference generators and management tools. Such tools can create, manage, and analyse all your citations.

Analyse The Tables, Figures, And Charts

The 6th most important thing to analyse in your PhD dissertation before submission is the captions of the tables, figures, and charts. Note that the table style and formatting also come under this analysis. So, ensure that all the tables, figures, and charts follow the same and only one formatting style. It should not be like the width and length of one figure are something else, and the same parameters for other pictures are totally different from the previous one. So, check all these things before final submission.

List Of Acronyms

Many scientific dissertations exercise scientific words and expressions in them. Sometimes, those terms are used in shorter forms like NASA for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. There will be many abbreviations and acronyms in your dissertation which are established in your field. So, do not forget to give a list of those in your PhD dissertation. Analyse your dissertation from up and down to ensure that all acronyms are listed.

Validity And Reliability Of Your Dissertation

The validity and reliability of the dissertation results are two important things to check in your dissertation. The reason is that these are the two things that affect the quality and readership of your dissertation a lot. So ensure that your results are valid and reliable. How? Use the different techniques of validity like content validity, criterion validity, and construct validity.


Writing a dissertation is not an easy task. So, if you have finished writing, do not risk your marks for some minute mistakes in your PhD dissertation. Therefore, analyse the whole dissertation for its content, citations and references, tables, figures, and charts. Employ different tools for this purpose, like Mendeley reference manager and Hemmingway editor.

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